Touch for Health®


TFH AnatIn the 1960’s, American chiropractor Dr George Goodheart discovered a link between muscles and meridians – the energy pathways used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM says that health, wellness (and performance!) occur when energy flows freely on the meridians. On the other hand, over or under energies can result in pain and / or stress.  TCM is based on the use of pulse points to assess energy flow, and needles to balance it. Dr Goodheart discovered alternate ways to assess and balance energy in the meridians, and called this system “Applied Kinesiology”. AK was created to be used by medical doctors only. One of Goodheart’s students, chiropractor Dr John Thie, saw in AK an amazing opportunity for people to take responsibility for their health and wellness. He selected AK’s most efficient, simple and safe techniques to create a holistic model, open to everyone, which he called Touch for Health.


Touch for Health is a system of balancing posture, attitude and feelings towards a specific goal. It is a self responsibility model in which the rider sets his own goals, and drives his own evolution and success. The goal of the balance can be technical, physical or emotional. It often includes several of these aspects, as in for instance “My shoulders are relaxed when I approach a combination”.



After setting the rider’s goal, the energy flow is assessed in each meridian through muscle testing. Muscles are like switches for meridians, they reveal balance / unbalance on the corresponding meridian. If a muscle switches off when the rider thinks about his goal, related to a specific situation, it means that part of him gets inhibited by this situation. He can’t access part of his skills because of the stress (or pain). Various techniques can then allow energy to flow again, releasing the stress, and switching the muscle back on. They are mostly reflex massage points but can also include working on specific emotions.

After the balance, the rider experiences positive change in his posture and attitude, sometimes the results are dramatic! Riders often feel more relaxed and focused, and are more comfortable with their body after a Touch for Health balance, therefore owning the factors of success !

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